Career Profile

Game developer. I currently work in a company where I develop Slots games using SDL and C++. In my free time, I develop videogames using Unity3D.


Computer Engineering

2008 - 2013
Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Game developing Master

2013 - 2014
Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Learn how to program videogames using C++ and Ogre. Also lear Unity3D.


Game developer for slots machines on C++

2017 - Present
Recreativos Franco, Madrid

Develop and maintain games for a machine for Spainish market:

  • Improve common code in all the games.
  • Improve on-site Game Engine.
  • Develop some conections with machine hardware.
  • Develop conections with APIs on Internet using RabbitMQ.

Maintain and develop the Jenkins of the team:

  • Develop tools for Art team to run the games in their own PCs.
  • Develop tools for Q&A team to download art files or executables.
  • Develop tools for Development tesm to help to improve code.

Game Developer for Android and IOs with Unity3D

2014 - 2016
Lingokids, Madrid

Develop games using Unity3D:

  • Develop some of the different games in the App.
  • Develop some internal tools for designers.
  • Develop the connection between App and Backend, like user managment, analytics, roles…
  • Develop the system to download data and assets for different games.

Development of the Backend on Ruby on Rails:

  • Help to maintain the code of the Backend.
  • Develop the connection with different Apps stores.
  • Develop different test cases.


All all this projects are developed in different GameJams using Unity3D.

Call of Duality 2022 - Theme: Duality
El botín de Palaverde 2021 - Theme: Lost and found
Yearbook 2020 2020 - Theme: Repair
Your last day in April 2019 - Theme: What home means to you
EsTeam-3 2018 - Theme: Transmision
The Tesla Experiencie 2017 - Theme: Waves
BomBallRoom 2016 - Theme: One room
OCD 2016 - Theme: Ritual
Fly, you fools! 2015 - Theme: What we do now?
Clowns & Grannies, Grannies & Clowns 2014 - Theme: We don't see things as the are, we see them as we are.

Skills & Proficiency


Unity 3D



Ruby on Rails